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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are those your real nails?
A: Of course! I’m all natural! ;) Check them out here.

Q: How do you keep your nails so long and nicely shaped? How do you maintain your cuticles?
A: Please look through these answered questions for nail maintenance.

Q: What kind of base coat do you use?
A: I use Orly’s Rubberized Bonder base coat.

Q: What kind of top coat do you use?
A: I usually use Out the Door, but my favorite is T-L-Gel’s super top coat. It actually smells like roses.

Q: What brand of nail polish remover do you use?
A: No brand in particular. I buy pure acetone by the gallon at a nail shop.

Q: What kind of Asian are you? (Not sure why this is relevant, but I seem to get this question a lot)
A: Chinese! 

Q: Will you do a video tutorial on _____?
A: I really want to, trust me. And I will. But it’s difficult to find time right now. When I’m done with school, it will happen. :)

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